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Software Installation

You receive your computer from the company you ordered it from; you unpack it, insert the battery and turn it on. This the basic first steps, after this you need to understand and recognize the need of the software installation on the computer, as it is just a blank book that needs to be filled. Almost in 80% cases, the machine does not have all the applications needed for computing for example, Microsoft Office, Adobe etc. You need to connect to the internet connection in order to download and complete the software installation process.

Issue resolver recognizes the difficulty, while you are getting the hold of the process especially, so we at issue resolver make it plain and simple for your needs. All you got to do is just call or request a call and we will do everything for your computer.

We Provide Software Installation Help in!

  • Antivirus software
  • Antimalware software
  • Updating drivers, plugins and software
  • General software installation

Issue resolver also provides advices for the best hardware needs for your computer (mouse, keyboard, webcam, etc.) and helps you in backing up the data from your computer onto a cloud or a physical disk drive

Process of Software Installation

Before starting the process of software installation, you will need an internet connection most likely. We will set that up for you and configure as per your needs. If you need any assistance regarding downloading and software installation, Contact us now to get started or to learn more.

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